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Marketing: it is the business activity that directs the flow of products and services from places of production to the places of consumption or use.

Marketing is also defined as a set of integrated activities performed by the facility to facilitate exchanges in the field of real estate. Marketing actually does two basic things:

  • Creating the demand: that would be by identifying the opportunities for real estate marketing, marketing research, planning for the real estate products, advertising, publishing, promoting, and pricing.
  • Serving the demand: that would be by the actual completion of the exchange process. This can be done at many levels most important of which in the field of real estate marketing are the technical services, distribution outlets, selections of customers sectors, and funding.

Taking into consideration that if the price increases, the demand increases, the supply decreases, and vice versa. However, the price settles down at the equilibrium intersection of supply and demand.

MaisonTurkey defines Turkey’s real estate marketing as a science in itself that studies the current and future needs and desires of the customers to own a property and those who are looking for houses for sale in Turkey, and we manage to achieve that for an acceptable profit to the company. All that shall be done throughout researching, investigating, and knowing the customers’ desires and ambitions.

The first concern of us, in MaisonTurkey, is to examine and scrutinize every project entrusted to us to be marketed and that is based on the project location, the project completion, its value as an investment opportunity, reliability of the purchase, and the right price according to the customer segment.

We bear in mind that earning a customer’s trust is extremely difficult, whereas losing him is extremely easy. Therefore, we started to focus on earning a customer’s trust, and what is more important is the way we maintain it through honesty and transparency in dealing.

We, in MaisonTurkey, evaluate our company success in real estate marketing through the number of our customers and their satisfaction level, not through the amount of the profits. Therefore, we always work to open a connection with our current and future customers to understand their desires and develop the mechanism to meet that desires. For that especially, we recruited an employee for each customer to ensure the communication process goes right.

We believe in the personal qualifications must be in the real estate agent, which include:

  1. To be always careful about the work, honest, and of a good behavior.
  2. To have a sense of responsibility and reliable from everyone.
  3. To be able to listen, remember, and follow the instructions carefully.
  4. To be logical and have the capacity for good judgment on matters.
  5. To have a positive attitude and a spirit of enthusiasm to complete the work.
  6. To have the ability to be aware of the details.

Real estate rating: a real estate company may operate in one or all of the following fields:

  1. Residential real estate (apartments, resorts, and villas).
  2. Commercial real estate (shops for sale, commercial centers, and office buildings).
  3. Industrial real estate (factories and warehouses).
  4. Agricultural real estate (farms and orchards).
  5. Real estate for special purposes (mosques, churches, hospitals, and schools).

We completely differentiate between marketing and selling since we consider the selling is a function of real estate marketing, which also includes the selection of the property that is suitable to the desire and budget of the customers, property consultancy, valuation, and the Post-sales services such as property management. Additionally, we aspire to consider constructing the Turkish real estate projects based on the wishes of the customers to get the desired equation, which is satisfying the desire of the customers and speeding up the selling process.

Our deep understanding, like the above mentioned, for real estate marketing and our hardworking to meet the customer’s desire and ambition to the property ownership in Turkey within a budget determined does not mean that we are prepared to waste time with the non-serious customer or the ones who have a desire to purchase but do not have the final decision.