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Imagine yourself spending the summer vacation in your own apartment in Turkey with no burdens of renting, transporting, choosing the right apartment, or paying high prices for someone’s apartment. Let us push it a bit further, imagine yourself leasing that apartment in winter and having its money as a source of profit added to your monthly income!!
Do you know that renting houses, apartments and tourist villas in Turkey in the winter starts from 500-1000 US dollars a month upwards??
After having the law of ownership in Turkey issued, customers’ acquisition within the Turkish real estate market has become unfortunately a big challenge. Anyhow, what is most important for MaisonTurkey Real Estate is to maintain the customers’ loyalty and to provide the services that are beyond their expectations. From this perspective, MaisonTurkey Real Estate offers property post-sale services, which include plenty of advantages that exceed the customers’ expectations and that is to improve that we are the best and we demonstrate a keen desire to provide everything that would maintain the good relationship with the valued customers.

post-sale services include the following:

  1. Designing the decor and furnishing the house by professional specialized engineers.
  2. Offering the property (apartment, complex, or villa) for sale if you want to renew it.
  3. Preserving and repairing the property during the periods of absence.
  4. Paying the property monthly due to bills and expenses.
  5. Renting and investing the property when desired.
  6. Providing the Customer with all the real estate market expectations in terms of the rise or fall of price to take the necessary proactive measures.

This shall be done by writing a property management contract, which sets all the conditions and rights between the customer and MaisonTurkey real estate at the end of the summer vacation and the beginning of winter, or at any time chosen by the customer or convenient for him. Thenceforth, MaisonTurkey real estate manages all the matters related to that property namely renting it (tourist rent), repairing it, and transferring the money via the bank account of the customer on a regular basis, in accordance with the contract written between MaisonTurkey and the customer.

Therefore, MaisonTurkey provides the best optimal equation for you; comfortable stable tourism in the summer and investment of the property in the winter. It is the perfect solution.

Do you want to sell your property? Are you aspiring for the best?? You have fears that the real estate brokers and traders would scam you?? Do not you know the real price of your property? Do you want to price it with high precision and integrity??

Do not buy a property (house, apartment, villa, etc.) before consulting MaisonTurkey. Through its expertise and experience in the Turkish real estate market, MaisonTurkey has noticed that after the issuance of the law of ownership in Turkey, Arab citizens faced obstacles and severe difficulties in assessing and evaluating the real price of a house or apartment that they aspire to own. Unfortunately, many were trapped by the real estate buyers and brokers who never hesitated to sell the property in a double price and sometimes more than that, especially when the customer does not speak the Turkish language fluently.

From this standpoint and for the sake of keeping our Arab brothers from any fraud or swindle, MaisonTurkey real estatefound that it is appropriate to provide the service of pricing properties. That would happen through experts in MaisonTurkey real estate who are fully aware of all the specifics of the Turkish real estate market in various regions of Turkey especially real estate in Istanbul, before all else, tourist cities such as Istanbul, Bursa, Antalya, Trabzon, Yalova, etc.

Without a doubt, you can take the advantage of the service of pricing the real estate, whether the customer owns the property and wants to sell or he wants to buy the property even by another company.

To take the advantage of the service of pricing your property, please present the following information: the exact address of the property or the house location coordinates on the GPS if possible, number of rooms, house status, etc.