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In our new incentive system, the education sector is included in the priority (advantageous) investments. At least 5 region levels, primarily the pre-school education services (including kindergarten), the primary education services, the secondary education services, the high school education services, the primary and the secondary education services for disabled people, the technical and the vocational education services, can benefit from regional investment incentives. (University and higher education education investments are supported at the general incentive level.)

Result; we suggest that the educational investments should benefit from the new investment incentive system to be carried out in order to increase the capacities of the current schools, to modernize the current schools or to build new schools as Turkey has taken the education sector within the priority investment sectors (favorable investments). In particular, through the closure of private courses, they are required to be transformed into schools. It will reduce the investment costs of the owners of the courses if they take investment incentives before transformation into schools. Other educational institutions, especially the private education institutions, should also benefit from the investment incentive system. In addition, new supports have begun to be applied for the incentive documented investments with the Law enacted for improvement of the investment environment. With package incentives providing allocation of place for investment,  financial support, insurance and tax exemptions, the investments in the education sector in Turkey have been taken within the scope of the priority state supports.