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Agriculture is the most active and the most profitable sector in Turkey. The rate of profit in this sector differs due to selected agricultural products and plants.

Turkey is an agricultural country. Almost every region is suitable for agriculture, except for some agricultural products only in eastern Anatolia. And it is possible to grow agricultural products that make money here. In addition, you have the opportunity to grow the desired agricultural products in every region due to the greenhouse activities.

In order to make profit in the agricultural sector, you must study the domestic and world market very well. It must be correctly determined where to produce, which products can be sold to which markets, what are the market needs and the products must be selected accordingly. If you produce the right seed in the right place, then the nature gives you back what you expect.

The state has been providing serious support to the agricultural sector in recent years. The grant loans for 50-60% of investment and the rest in long-term repayment credits help the producers to make good money with .

The state can provide farmers and investors with low-interest investment and operating loans in the agricultural production through ‘Ziraat Bankasi’ and agricultural credit cooperatives.

The supports provided by the state to the agricultural sector are as follows:

  • Diesel, fertilizer and soil analysis support,
  • Supports for the hazelnut producers,
  • Difference payments in plant production,
  • Supports of certified seed, seedling and seedling production,
  • Organic farming supports,
  • Rural development supports,
  • Interest-free financing in agriculture,
  • Agricultural loans (controlled undercover cultivation, common crop production, perennial fodder plant),
  • Domestic certified seed, seedling production, ornamental plant production, organic farming. )
  • Interest-free business loans

• Farmers are also guaranteed with Agricultural insurance.