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hen you start to think of owning a property or an apartment in Turkey, you start writing to companies and real estate agencies asking them for a sample or a group of properties in Turkey.

MaisonTurkey Real Estate is not only interested but also professional at picking up customers from airports, this came to fulfill the needs of the increasing number of customers coming to Turkey for the first time, in addition to the translation services they may need and in a comfortable manner. MaisonTurkey Real Estate is happy to provide airport ride services from the international airport using comfortable cars with an elegant manner suits our customers that identifies us as the best. Our qualified service team provides convenience for the arriving customers to the airport.

MaisonTurkey Real Estate provides different types of cars that suit customers styles and needs we can also apply the same for groups being arrived. The type of the car and its size are not a problem anymore as we are covering all the needs in terms of type and size of the car. In addition, we would decorate the reception car upon request. Over and above, MaisonTurkey provides VIP and business reception services.

It is our pleaser to provide you with a free consultation concerning the property investment and the ownership in Turkey.

Reception and real estate tours services in Turkey include the following points:

  • First: Reception at Istanbul airports.

The customer is welcomed at the arrivals gate where one of MaisonTurkey team will be waiting for the customer with his name written on a nameplate. After the receipt of the traveler documents, the customer is accompanied to the arrivals lounge. Having the passport or the visa stamped, the customer then accompanied to the place where the bags arriving place. Then, the customer is accompanied to the Customs Counter, an inspection device, and then to the hall outside the arrivals hall.

  • Second: Our transportation to the preferred hotel:

Our services in MaisonTurkey Real Estate include transportation from and to airports, crossing the hanging bridges, and to the touristic sites in Turkey by providing luxurious cars and modern vans with professional drivers. All the cars and vans are modern, air-conditioned, with high specifications. The companions are also speaking both Arabic and Turkish fluently.

Furthermore, MaisonTurkey recruits a special employee to fulfill the customers’ needs. This employee helps you to choose the appropriate hotel, transferring you to it, and make the proper booking. MaisonTurkey, in its tourism branch, has a wide range of hotel discount offers that fit any level of customers.

After the customer takes a rest in the hotel, we take him on a tour to the most important real estate projects in Istanbul and outside Istanbul. We show him the villas and apartments that are compatible with the consumer’s budget for the ownership in Turkey. The program also includes all the important projects, and the program of the tour is set and agreed on in advanced to achieve the desired results.

In the absence of agreement, or if the customer didn’t like any of our various projects, MaisonTurkey will afford all the reception, departure, and the real estate tours costs. However in case, an agreement was conducted, the contract shall be written, and a deposit shall be paid. In the second case, MaisonTurkey Real Estate affords the following expenses:

  1. Hotel reservation fees for 3 days, with meals.
  2. Reception and departure fees and the fees of transportations in Turkey.
  3. The costs of the daily real estate tours to our various projects.
  4. The costs of the touristic tours in Istanbul.

Important note: The required for the previous advantages: the property price starts from $ 250000 USD, the customer must have made a previous coordination before arriving in Turkey with MaisonTurkey customer service office.

Fourth: Pre-booking and departure procedures :

The customer is accompanied to the departure hall to complete the departure official procedures. After receiving the official documents, checking the number of bags, and passing the inspection device, the airline employee verifies the ticket information. Then the traveler takes the boarding pass and finalizing the procedures.